GOTJ 17 first Round of Artists Announced

With the craziness of the launching of the Gathering of the Juggalo website and the announcement of the Wizard of the Hood Set, we have seen small sneaks into what is to come.

12473725_1133282610030177_6212278664149102891_oCome take a wondrous journey to the magical land of Oz where the Wizard awaits you to bestow your every wish! Just follow the yellow brick alleyway with your boy Violent J as you start your epic quest. Along the way you will encounter the Munchkin Village, the Cornfield, Horror Forest, and even the Colorful Mushroom Fields, before you finally reach the fabled Wizards Palace! Even though danger abounds at every turn don’t worry, for your friends the Scarecrow, Tin Tizzy, and the Lion will be there to help you. This is the first and only Wizard of the Hood concert featuring all of the songs from the classic EP. It is a once in a lifetime experience to be enjoyed by all. So what will you wish for when you finally take a puff of that Magic Blunt? Homies to smoke with, a gun, neden…or has your wish already come true by being surrounded by your Juggalo family while experiencing this legendary concert at the GOTJ 17? Artwork courtesy of Tom Wood. From the upcoming card game Into The Echoside. Available at the Gathering



Listed on the site some of the Big Top stage performances have been listed:

Big Top Stage Lineup (Lineup as of 1/17/16)

Insane Clown Posse Twiztid Blaze Ya Dead Homie Anybody Killa Young Wicked

Carousel Stage (Lineup as of 1/17/16)

Axe Murder Boyz Big Hoodoo Dark Lotus Wizard of the Hood

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