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Strange Interview Couple With Baby Named Remedy

A Strange loving couple named their daughter after their favorite Stevie Stone song ‘Remedy.’ They told Stevie all about it at a Meet and Greet. Stevie, of course was excited to hear.

stevie stone remedy baby name strange music

Now, Strange Music interviewed the couple to learn more about this Strange loving family. In the interview we learn about their life and how they came to love Tech N9ne and Strange Music. Jesse, the father, was first to discover Strange Music through his normal hip hop love. After meeting his wife Danelle he infected her with the Tech N9ne bug. The music just touched their hearts and minds just like their news touched Stevie. Danelle loved Stevie Stone’s music so much she wanted to name their daughter after Stevie’s song.

When Stevie Stone came out with “Remedy”, I fell in love with that song. No matter what the situation was, that song was always stuck in my head. We just had our song, but thought if we ever had a little girl, I would like to name her “Remedy”! He was like, “Why? Because of Stevie Stone?” (laughs). It wasn’t because of Stevie Stone, but because of that song. It just means the world to me. When we actually finally planned another one, we actually lost it. The second time we tried, we ended up having her. Honestly, we hadn’t even thought about the name anymore because we had just figured it was going to be a boy. We previously had a boy, his brother just had a boy, and it’s all boys in the family. So, we were going to name him Darren because Jesse’s middle name is Aaron, so we were just going to change it up a bit. We went to the ultrasound place and found out that she was a girl and of course his mouth just dropped. We were both a little bit upset at first, but started trying to find a name because we had been planning on a boy. One day, I was driving around and “Remedy” had come on and I was like, “wait a minute, I definitely told him that if we ever had a little girl, her name was going to be Remedy”. I sat down with him and was like, “look, I told you a while ago that if we ever had a little girl, I want to name her Remedy”. He just looked at me (laughs). He asked me what the middle name would be and it we went with Marie. So, we went with it.

They also related how Stevie Stone reacted to the news and their special one on one with the artist as a result of telling him about this special decication. The couple now plan to bring their daughter, Remedy, who is sure to be the next generation of technician, to their next Meet and Greet.

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