Stevie Stone Talks Police Brutality in the Song Suicidal


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Stevie Stone talks police brutality in the song Suicidal. With all of the recent events that have happened this year and the following past years with the police. Stevie Stone had to share on his intake on the matter. The song offers a different perspective than you normally expect. Instead of it being preachy, Stevie personifies that nihilism that overcomes someone’s perspective. Suicidal” What is this song about? You hear the title and you’re automatically going to think it’s wanting to commit suicide, but it’s kind of different. Suicidal touches on different incidents that occurred from Ferguson and St. Louis and New York. But not only those, but in North Carolina and Baltimore and all these different places that has all these Police brutality going on. To read more on Suicidal off the Malta Bend album, click HERE. You can also check out the video’s of different police brutality that has occurred recently.



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