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Stevie Stone recently did an interview with BET where he talks Malta Bend and touring.

If it wasn’t for this segregated small town, there would be no me so I wanted to go all the way there,” Stevie told in an exclusive conversation. “Malta Bend is a small, historically segregated town that my mother grew up in. My father who was a preacher came down there to preach and that’s where they met. Songs like the title track ‘Malta Bend’ and ‘Ambition and Motivation’ really touch upon Malta Bend and tell a story of what my mother instilled in me as well as what she went through herself.

Shooting breast milk from stage….WTF?

We were in Texas and Tech has a part [in his show] where he lets girls get up on stage and dance,” remembered Stevie. and this one girl got up on stage and, some people spray out water and the fans eat it up because they’re hot anyway,” remembered Stevie. “This girl was actually on stage with her t**ty out spraying milk. At first people didn’t realize what it was so they were like ‘Aye!’ And then they realized what it was and everybody was covering up and people were running. I was actually out in the crowd watching the set and was like ‘Whoa!’ Being on the road with Tech, it got to a point where it wasn’t crazy anymore.

That does make a F’d up tour story.  For the full interview click HERE or on the image above.