Stitches and the Game now under same management after their fight last month? We have all heard about last months fiasco between rappers Stitches and the Game in Miami, where Stitches was knocked unconscious by the Game’s manager who goes by Wack 100. Both Wack 100 and Stitches were arrested after the brawl.

After the incident, it seems both parties have put aside their issues after Wack announced VIA Instagram that he had taken Stitches on as a new client. Where Wack captioned, “Just got a call from a grown man on some grown man shit…@stitches under new management.”Displaying 2.jpgDisplaying 2.jpg


Leading up to the brawl between the two, Stitches had dropped a track titled, “Game Over” , which was dissing the Game and even shared this video, which is of Stitches challenging the Game and talking about him and even his children.

The night of the altercation between the two, Stitches and his crew had waited outside of a Miami club waiting for the Game and his entourage to leave and then started causing a scene and mouthing off. This is what then caused the manager of the Game, Wack 100 to step in and throw a swift blow to Stitches head, knocking him out. When asked to comment on the incident, Wack stated, “..this dude, he talks real loud, he has tattoos on his face,” he continued, “You’re dealing with a dude who’s really lying to himself.” Wack also stated he attempted to fight Stitches again in jail after they were arrested together, but that he backed down. Here’s the brawl video if you have yet to see it for yourself! Stitches vs. the Game