stitches gets disses by muddy moneyStitches Gets Dissed by Celebrity Tattoo Artist Muddy Money

In a TMZ exclusive with celebrity tattoo artist Muddy Money, he claims to have rejected Stitches’ request for a new tattoo stating he didn’t want to be associated with “garbage work.” He also felt that Stitches’ tattoos conflicted with the family friendly vibe of his shop which serves various celebrities such as Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea, Dodgers star Matt Kemp, and pop star Aaron Carter.

When admiring his excellent work on celebrity clients Muddy Money‘s decision should be no surprise. Stitches‘ tattoos are nothing like the real celebrities who grace his shop. The subject matter of Stitches‘ tattoos are centered around drugs and all kinds of debauchery like his “Fuck a Job” tattoo, which was suppose to be part of the work he wanted done. In fact, Stitches’ face tatts are so bad a tattoo laser removal company offered to remove them for free feeling bad for his recent run in with The Game. Straight up, his tatted smile and random tattoos that litter not only his face, but whole body are what most tattoo artists would roll their eyes at. He’s a walking flash collage mixed with stupidity.  Being a viral rapper with a bunch of tattoos didn’t impress Muddy Money, since he sees many respectable clients and has a classy tattoo image to uphold. This also goes to show you that money can’t buy you respect.

The hate for Stitches and his “garage work” was expressed even more so when Muddy Money recorded a track, Class In Session, which he uploaded to Sound Cloud, dissing Stitches up one side and down the other. Class In Session is the one and only track Muddy Money has ever recorded. He is a tattoo artist after all. He had to show who is the master artist no matter what media that may be, music or tattoos. Never in the history of music has someone not interested in recording music recorded a track just to diss someone. Now, that’s how you reject a customer! Maybe Stitches will take up that laser removal company’s offer now. One can only hope to wipe that smile off his face.

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