tech n9ne warrior built contest

Photo from DJBooth

A Sensational Rapper and a Determined Warrior Come Together

Tech N9ne and Nick Hamm, founder of the Warrior Built organization, came together for this amazing opportunity-giving contest, the Warrior Built Contest. Tech along with many of his fans have a commonality with many veterans like Nick Hamm. They have been inflicted with PTSD. Both Hamm and Tech couldn’t find redemption in the mainstream so they ventured on their own. Both have become successful in their independent ventures. Now, Tech is using his success to contribute to Hamm’s organization. Hence, all proceeds from the contest will go to Warrior Built.

The song for the contest “PSTD” reflects Tech’s experience with this disorder. Along with the veterans Warrior Built supports, artists who are fans of Strange share the disorder. This only makes it a perfect song for this effort.  BJBooth interviewed both Hamm and Tech. Both elaborated on their experiences with PTSD. This article will inspire anyone wanting to enter the contest. Furthermore, it’s just a touching piece that expands the idea at the heart of this contest. Head over to DJBooth to read the full article.

The Inspiration Behind the Warrior Built Foundation

“I went through a lot of programs, but I was a little wild and crazy, and I knew there were a lot of guys like me, so I started the foundation. More traditional therapy works for a lot of people, but we’re not all the same. So we work on choppers and Harleys and have a dirt bike racing team…it’s about forming a relationship. There are a lot of combat veterans who are facing PTSD, alcohol and drug abuse, and we’re not afraid to get in the weeds with them and help get them moving forward again.”

Tech N9ne Touched by Veterans’ Service

“A few years go we were blessed to be able to go on a USO tour to Bahrain and Kuwait. When I visited the camps and saw a lot of wounded soldiers, injured and missing limbs, it just touched me. These people are fighting for us to be able to do what we do here, and they couldn’t even go home to their families for Christmas. When I came back I cut off all my hair like the troops, we started wearing the boots they gave us in our stage show, and then we did a song called ‘The Noose‘ with Mayday dedicated to the troops. I always felt like all these young men and women that are fighting for us, if we can give them some light, we need to.”

Strange Music is known for saving lives through their music about mental health. These artists have used their mental instability to help many others through their mental problems. The Warrior Built contest is going to help even more with this issue on all fronts. It will help those warriors who have given life and limb who inspired the song “The Noose”. It will also help the artist who experienced similar mental difficulties through hardships here at home. Just creating a verse for the contest will give many hope and imagination to let their demons out. The proceeds will be improving many fine veterans’ lives.

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