Darrein Safron bad gurl music videoStrange Music Dropped Darrein Safron ‘Bad Gurl’ Music Video

Strange Music‘s newest artist Darrein Safron dropped visuals for his debut single ‘Bad Gurl,’ from his upcoming The Brilliant EP available for preorder on Itunes and StrangeMusicinc. The Bad Gurl music video follows Darrein walking around Kansas City with a little of his home town of St. Louis being represented. The song, if you haven’t heard it already, is about finding that ‘bad gurl’ of your dreams and pursuing her though she’s taken. The visuals make total sense. What do you do when you’re in love or got something heavy on your mind? One may go for a walk with all the emotions keeping you restless. You got to burn off all that excess energy and think things through. He sings to the camera in a way that reminds you of a troubled individual talking themselves through a bad situation. Though the title says, Bad Gurl the lyrics seem to say that it’s her current lover who is the in the wrong in Darrein’s eyes. We get glimpses of this sullen girl on his mind. Then we see she has her hands tied. An illusion to her current relationship perhaps? Then Darrein comes in and loves her how she really deserves. Overall, the track and visuals tell a difficult love story played out by hundreds of people. Love is tricky and Darrein portrays it well with this music video.

Bad Gurl, Darrein Safron

If you like this track you can purchase it on Itunes right now! You can purchase his other single, All For You featuring Tech N9ne on Itunes also. The Brilliant EP is due to release March 11th.

If you didn’t like the video, I am not surprised. Many have expressed great dislike for Darrien Safron. Technicians have come to expect choppers or at least some hard hitting rapper coming out of Strangeland. Strange Music is a record company and is expanding their roster to give their audience more of what they want. Yeah, it’s what one may call “chick music,” but, hey, there are a lot of female technicians aren’t there? Who knows maybe some people will get turned on to Tech through Darrein just like Tech’s performances at rock festivals. At any rate, Darrein recorded a video reading and responding to some of the hate he got when he dropped this track as just a single on Youtube.

Darrein Safron Reads Mean Comments

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