Strange music fan to lose weight

Strange Music Fan Motivated for Weight Loss

Getting in shape is no easy task. It takes determination and straight up will power. You know Tech N9ne has that shit by the truck load. So, it’s no wonder this Tech N9ne fan, Emile Arthur-Ricketts,  got his motivation from his masterful music. Emile shared with Strange Music his joy and pride for himself in achieving his target weight. It’s most interesting his motivation is centered around fitting into a pre-order shirt, but that’s motivation enough for any Technician. Not to mention his girl by his side along for the whole ride helped too. Check out what he had to say and maybe give this ninja a dap at the NYC show next month for all his hard work.

“I felt this would be noteworthy for anyone interested. As most people know… well, as Techn9cians know, about anytime you pre-order an album or VIP package from Strange Music you automatically get an XL t-shirt. NOW I used to be very discouraged and unenthusiastic about such but I respected the grind and still support.

A few days ago I received my VIP package for Tech N9ne’s Independent Powerhouse Tour 2016 and with all the hard work I’ve been putting in at the gym and weight loss and healthy eating, I FINALLY made it back to a size XL. Typically I would not wear XL nor order it because I like my shirts and hoodies baggy, BUT I was really proud of myself and throwing this on for the first time made me feel great about something I was able to accomplish.

strange music fan lose weight

I spend a lot of time blogging about my gym experiences and working out with my woman. She’s been a big inspiration to me along with Tech N9ne and Strange Music. Sometimes I have to punish myself whenever I fall off, but that’s anyone.

And now on Saturday 4/16/16 at Irving Plaza in NYC, this will be my 6th Tech N9ne show in 3 years since the 2013 show in Philadelphia. I look forward to meeting with the Strange Music family again not just as a fan but also as DiE$eL-E. Thank you for the wonderful music you guys continuously put out and have been a great inspiration to me to wanna achieve more for myself! DIBKIS.”

That should motivate anyone to achieve their goals. Do you have a inspirational story centered around your love of music? Whether it be Strange Music, ICP, Twiztid, or any other underground artist, send us your story at You may just get featured here on TJF. We’re all about the musical motivation.

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