Strange Music Freshness You May Have Missed!

This has been a busy month at Strange Music. There has been so much Strange Music news you may have missed some things. Three interviews one each from Stevie Stone, Prozak, and Krizz Kaliko, a Rittz teaser, and more news awaits below.

Let’s start with this Stevie Stone interview on the Dr Greenthub Show for BREAL TV. Stevie lays down some solid advise for those wanting to get signed to Strange Music. Plus, he shares some interesting touring stories and the work that goes into production.

Stevie Stone interview on BREAL TV

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Another interview you may have missed is the Prozak interview with Wolfpac. It’s pretty interesting watching one artist interview another. Get informed on Prozak’s paranormal activity and new album Black Ink.

Prozak Interview on The WOLFPAC Super Deluxe Fun Time Variety Show

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Green Label has been keeping tabs on the HipHop music scene with their monthly Rap Power Rankings. Tech N9ne was placed #8 on November’s list.

green label tech n9ne

Green Label definitely sees what Tech’s fans see. We all know Tech is ever climbing to the top. The reason being his mix of amazingly fun and insightful music. This what Green Label had to say.

“This month Tech continued his nearly inhuman grind by releasing his Strangeulation Vol. II album, a project that both added to his personal discography and showcased the artists on his Strange Music label. Strange may get treated by much of the mainstream as an “underground” label, but the simple truth is they’re outselling most major labels, and doing it by simply releasing better music than most major labels. You simply can’t talk about hip-hop in 2015 without talking about Tech N9ne, and you can’t talk about November without talking about Tech N9ne. He won’t be underestimated for long.”

Read the entire list

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Now let’s get back in the Holiday spirit with this spur of the moment interview.  Krizz Kaliko talked to Sideline Sports Talk KC while attending Tony G’s 22nd Annual Toy & Food Drive in Kansas City. He spoke about helping the children, his upcoming album, and how he got to be where is.

Krizz Kaliko interview on Sideline Sports Talk KC

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Speaking of Krizz’s upcoming 2016 album, Rittz dropped a pic on Instagram telling everyone, “At #strangeland layin down a feature for my dawg @krizzkaliko. Ritta looks intense in that picture. So, one can only wonder what this new Krizz, Rittz hit is going to sound like. Krizz stated his upcoming album is going to be completely different than his older work adding more mystery and wonder to the future album. You know already Rittz is going to be on it. Only time will tell who else will be too and what it will actually sound like.



Lastly, Strange Music is extending their 50% off Strangegiving Sale to 12/27. It’s too late to receive anything by Christmas but you can definitely bank on any Strange Gift Cards you may have gotten for Christmas. Or maybe get a little something for yourself.

strange music holiday sale


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