Strange Music Having Fun on Their Time Off

Strange Music Having Fun on Their Time Off

Strange Music Having Fun on Their Time Off

It’s hard work performing show after show on a big nationwide tour and the Strange Music team had some fun with their chance at some down time. Mayday had even more fun sharing their tour mates’ off time shenanigans on Social Media.

The Strange Music label mates must have stayed at a nice hotel. We have a couple pictures. One with Stevie Stone stalking a cardinal on the hotel floor. Then, one of a beautiful view of Myrtle Beach where they soaked up some sun. Who wouldn’t want to spend their off time on the beach?

@steviestone was very ready for cardinals baseball season to start

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After a fun day at the beach the Strange Music tour gang took to a karaoke bar. It seems strange (yes pun intended!) that one would get up and sing on stage when taking break from performing on stage. But, then again, they have a job were they love what they do. Hearing Tech N9ne wail on “Free Bird” makes you realize he ain’t no Krizz Kaliko. He wasn’t awful just not what you usually get from this highly successful rapper.  You can tell it’s just Tech having fun with some no stress karaoke. I would have been super stoked to be in that bar! He even throws a “Tech N9ne!” in there.

You know Tech is the charmer and gets to ladies no matter what!

Then we hear a little snippet of Wrekonize wailing some James Brown. You got to hear this!

I got inspired to try some James Brown before we bounced. 😁 Thanks for the viddy @nonms305

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Lastly, we get a hint at the last of their time off fun and games. They attended a Hootie and the Blowfish concert. Is that what you expect Strange Music to go see? I know it was a bit of a shock to me. According to the Strange Music Blog they also hung out with lead singer Darius Rucker, and Straind lead singer Aaron Lewis. It’s also rumored they hung out with Richard Karn (Al Borland) and Debra Dunning (Heidi Keppert) from Home Improvement. We will never know this for sure as there is no evidence of these encounters. Though I don’t doubt some kind of awesomeness went down the other night.

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