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Big Happenings Coming from Strange Music: Watch Now!

Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, and Rittz chopped it up in Hop Hop Dx‘s Facebook Live Stream. Tech N9ne splited the beans on a couple tracks off his next studio album, The Storm, he’s hoping to drop September 9th. “Wet” is a track that refers to smoking “wet” which is formladihyde, but not about smoking wet at the same time. He spits a couple lines:

‘I’m in this thang sweatin’ like I’m on wet wet wet 

Whole body and my shirt full of sweat sweat sweat

Everybody get on my level…’

Tech also mentions a track called “Godspeed” which he states he used autotune. That’s a mind blower, but makes this ninja curious to hear it. This new album, The Storm is becoming longer than expected having recorded 16 to 17 songs after only planing on 15. The hints just make you eagar to hear it.

Krizz Kaliko chimed in about his fears in recording GO. It was a step in a different direction but received well erasing his fears. Krizz also explains some of his religious views. It is quite interesting especially since he named his latest album an acronym of God’s Order.

“I’m struggling. We’re on a journey. We live in the Bible Belt. That’s why I reference the Bible Belt. I was raised a Christian dude. As I get older, I’m starting to feel that I’m not sure who’s right. I’m not sure if Islam is right. I’m not sure Christianity is right. I think everyone’s going towards one thing. Everybody’s going towards God. I do believe in God, but I started thinking, ‘Man, I’ve been praying forever in my life and stuff still happens.’ “

Then you hear Rittz discussing how he developed his chopper skills. It’s all about emulating what you like to listen to. If you can spit your idols’ shit you are developing skills. Then it’s all about making your own style. He also talks about challenging Ces Cru and others on the tour bus.

“I like to rap. I like to challenge Ces Cru on the bus. Then we got a couple guys that are CD sellers and they rap. I tell you what, man, I’m better than all of them. “

The really interesting news is that Tech and Strange Music are working on a Caribou Lou and KC tea distillery at the Strange Music Headquarters and starting Dark BBQ. The Dark BBQ would basically be a three day festival with about every BBQ place in Kansas City setting up shop and any and every music group performing including Slipknot, Metallica, Brother Lynch Hung, The Geto Boys, Eminem, System of a Down, of course, Tech N9ne, and who knows who else. The distillery would be set up in the old headquarters while a new bigger headquaters would be built.

Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, and Rittz Live Stream with Hip Hop DX

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