Strange Music is all about Juggalo Love

Forbes talked with Krizz Kaliko and Rittz of Strange Music. In this article, Krizz relates:

“ICP hit us up to perform at their Gathering of the Juggalos [annual festival], and I was like, ‘What is a Juggalo?’,” he remembers. “We saw these kids, and they were kind of the outcasts of the world. They loved us, because we’re kind of the outcasts of the world, too. They adopted us as people they looked up to besides ICP. Our music is totally different, but we share their fanbase. Even yesterday, we were in Charlotte, North Carolina, and most of the crowd was Juggalos.”

It seems Strange Music and Juggalos go hand in hand. Juggalos have had a love for Tech N9ne since he was touring in a van. Strange Music really must have Juggalos to thank for part of its success. We as a dedicated fan base have accepted Strange as part of the Family. Strange also shows the love back to us by performing at the Gathering and recognizing us as a unique and loving fan base. We are peas and pod. That is one reason we here at TJF cover so much Strange Music news. Psychopathic and Strange are both horrorcore of their own flavor. They’re like milk and dark chocolate. Each brings the Wicked Shit in their own way.

The article has a lot more to offer from Rittz and Krizz Kaliko.


Rittz talked all about his new merchandise line including vape liquids called Clintel. He relates it to his own labels merch and Slumberican. They both have different items to offer and he is seeking his own niche. He also reflects on how Strange Music has helped his career grow.

Krizz KalikoKrizz Kaliko also reflects on the effect Strange Music and Tech N9ne has had on his ever growing career. Strange has not only given him a label to sell his various talents, but also the support he needs to succeed.

“After the showcase we did in Kansas City, Tech said, ‘Some people look at you as my hypeman. Some people look at you as a singer. Some people look at you as a rapper. But when I saw you on the stage, I was like, this dude’s a f*****g star,’” Kaliko recalls. “He’s like, ‘You are such a superstar, dude. We gotta do whatever we gotta do to get you there. People need to hear these big records that you have, and people need to hear your message, too. It’s worthy of the world’s ear.’”

Read all of what Krizz and Rittz had to say on Forbes.

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