Strange Music Thanks Fans With Birds-Eye View Video!

Strange Music

It is clear that Strange Music fans are among the most dedicated in the world. Since the very beginning, they have had the backs of their favorite Strange artists, purchasing merchandise, attending shows, and just generally showing an incredible amount of love . While not a day goes by that the fans don’t feel appreciated, it’s still nice when that appreciation is given a voice. Namely, by the people who the fans help in keeping the label alive and thriving. In other words, the artists themselves, employees within the Strange circle, etc…

That being said, Strange Music headquarters is no doubt a very busy place to be, but have you ever wondered what the outside looks like? Well, in a video that was posted earlier today, outsiders get a special look at Strange HQ, in the form of a ‘thank you’ video to fans! The video is shot at a birds-eye view, showcasing not only the headquarters, but also The Wash, Strangeland, and a couple other important buildings. Altogether, they create one big, extravagant business machine. Peep the video below!

Now that really shows what strong dedication and support can do for any business!

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