Strange Music Video Team: Behind-the-scenes of Production, strange music interview

Strange Music Video Team: Behind-the-scenes of Production

Taylor Lamb and Jason Cantu of the Strange Music Video Department discussed in a Strange Music interview all the work and creative process that goes into creating a Strange Music video. It takes a lot of work and skill to put together the amazing and often times brilliant music videos. So, if you ever wondered about what it takes to put a Strange Music video together now is your chance to find out.

The whole process starts off with talking to the artist about what they want from the music video. It is, of course, their piece of art work they are wanting to display. This process basically starts with what is called a treatment which is a scene by scene break down of what the video is going to be. Both of the two interviewees address this issue. Taylor expressing the process from a technical stand point and Jason explaining through the recently produced music video “Stop the World.”

Tell us a little bit about the process of directing the videos? You could use “Stop The World” as an example.

TL: The first step is talking to the artist and seeing what their vision is. I take that and translate that into a video. I pull out a lot of pictures and examples of what the video might look like. I put that together in a treatment and present that to them. From there, we go and create the video based off of the treatment and the idea that we come up with.

JC: The artist has already created the story line through the lyrics.

With “Stop The World”, I was in the studio with Krizz while he was recording that. It made me feel a certain way. It was in line with what Krizz does. At the end of the day, the artist is really the curator of the idea. That’s really the lead that I follow (laughs). I can’t take a lot of credit. For the most part, I really feel like it’s the artist and the feeling of their music that curates the idea.

Ever wonder how long it takes to produce a music video? Well, according to Taylor is averages about two to three weeks. Though keep in mind that the more complicated a video is the longer it’s going to take. Sometimes it seems like you keep hearing about a music video in the making and it’s never going to get finished, but it takes a lot of work behind-the-scenes to make a video great for your viewing pleasure.

After all that work and effort that goes on behind-the-scenes you may wonder why it’s even worth it for this hard working video crew. Well, you can imagine that they are working for Strange Music, because they believe in the label and in themselves. Take it from the horse’s mouth.

What’s the best part of putting together these videos?

TL: Seeing the finished product is the most rewarding part. Getting to see what the video looks like, after all of the hard work that you put into it.

JC: That’s a tricky one. You have to love this genre. At the end of the day, you really just do this for the love of the genre. I put everything I have into it. You know, that’s the best part of it – just being a part of it.

strange music video team behind-the-scenes, strange music interview

Now you may be asking what you can do to be a part of this team. As a Strange Music lover and someone that’s a talented or knowledgeable videotographer you may want to get in on this coveted gig. Well the advice of Jason Cantu will set you up for success. And it really is good advice for any profession you may want to pursue.

What do you recommend for people that would like to do what you do?

JC: Good question. It’s hard. You have to find somebody.

In 2002, I had been doing several music videos. I approached Strange Music at that point. It was like when they were making “Slacker”. They introduced me to the director, and were really nice to me. I was just persistent. I had done videos for some big country music stars, but just kept going. I kept finding ways to stay a part of the entertainment industry.

You know, being in the Midwest, it’s not that easy to do. A lot of what I find these days, a lot of people just want to jump to director, which is exactly what I wanted to do when I was young. I went out and made those things happen, but to this day – I still have not mastered the craft. I think that it takes a lifetime to master this craft.

I would say to people, keep on trying. Keep on keepin’ on. It’s going to come to fruition. Don’t ever let your goal slip out of your mind. I’ve even done that, and almost completely ruined my career. You have to keep a level head and keep focus. Everything else will fall into place.

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