Another New Strange Music Video!

Cypher IIStrange Music dropped another video on their Youtube channel today, Cypher II from Tech N9ne’s recently released collabos album, Strangeulation II. If you didn’t catch it earlier check out the other video they dropped today.

The video itself resembles Strangeulation II’s Cyper I

where Tech N9ne rapped into the mic in studio. The mask Tech wears in that video is creepily cool to say the least. While CES Cru and Stevie Stone don’t adorn masks for this Cypher they did bring the energy to the studio. It was just your classic watch ’em bust session. It’s not as visually appealing as the Strangeulation Cypher video, but you see more emotion on their faces. Isn’t that why we turned technician, because tech and fellow Strange Music artist dramatically display the emotions we all feel so strongly. Thus we connect to the music like a baby to the placenta.

This Cypher features CES Cru and Stevie Stone rapping to a classic beat. The beat brings Come Gangsta to mind. Tech introduces the song by stating that he wanted to hear what his artist can do with his beloved classic beats. And they brought the dopeness. Though that’s no surprise since, Tech said he wouldn’t release a song if he didn’t like it himself. Stevie Stone and CES Cru make you almost forget the original song they flow with the beat so well. But, don’t take my word for it. Listen for yourself.

Strangeulation II, “Cypher II”

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