Tech N9ne discussed in a Strange Music Exclusive his experiences and opinions of the new faces we will witness on Strangeulation Vol. II.

First, we are given a little peek into Tech’s first experience with Strange Music’s newest talent Darrein Safron.

…when I got in the studio with him and how he rearranged everything, I’m like, “This motherfucker’s a superstar.” Seven had an idea, and [Darrein] said, “Okay, let’s do it like this.” Then “Real With Yourself” came out and I saw how he worked. I’ve been creating music for a long time. Seven could tell you too. He’s like, “Dude, he’s the truth.” He’s an über talented cat.

Darrein Safron


If you were wondering what Tech really thought of this lastest addition to Strange Music wonder no more. Tech seems to have great respect for his skills. It makes you want to keep your ear out for this hard hitting rapper. Tech said,

…I’m listening to the background when he’s singing those words as punches; they’re so on cue. This motherfucker’s cold blooded. I like working with him. I can’t wait to work more with Darrein.

Next up, we have the inside scoop on how far back Tech goes with JL.



We were recording “Let’s Get Fucked Up” on 56 Highland. And they were the kids that lived across the street. When we’d come through Scoob’s suburban, they’d be playing basketball on that little plastic basketball goal, and Scoob’s like “Get outta the street!” And they’d move and we’d park, then they’d keep playing.

I found him years later after me and Don Juan and all of them split up. I’d heard about this dope crew called B.Hood. Lil Vonzell – Captain Vonzell Jr – was telling me he was with these cats called B.Hood that’s killin’ shit.

I ran into them at a fashion show practice downtown at a bar. And I saw JL and he was like, “Man what’s up?” And I’m like, “Whoa! Where’s little QD3 at?” I used to call his brother little QD3 because he had those eyes like Quincy Jones. He said, “He’s over there.” I said, “What’s the name of your crew?” He said, “B.Hood”. I’m like, “Oh, cuz we from the blood hood? Yeah nigga!” He’s like, “No, we’re all brothers. It’s brotherhood.” I’m like, “Oh. Same thing. It’s all good.” I thought he was reppin’ the block [laughs].


Tech also mentioned what he thought about JL’s “Do it big, keep it strange.”

That nigga been reppin’ Strange without Strange’s help.

Lastly, we learn about the most unique talent on Strange Music, the young Mackenzie O’Guin. Tech keeps it real and speaks from the heart about this special artist.

Mackenzie always had a wonderful voice. And it’s getting better and better. And so, “Actin Like You Know” lets you know that she’s ready. She put that together. Her and Krizz Kaliko, with Seven in the studio, came out with that. You could hear that on the radio now – pop radio – and the people who are at pop radio, who are our friends, they agree.

She’s always going to be a baby in my eyes. She’s 16 now, she’s got two cars, but she’s still a little girl. I’ve seen her grow into this wonderful songstress, and now the world’s about to hear her do her own thing, not just a chorus with me. This is a big thing. You’re used to her going [sings chorus’ from Mackenzie] and now there’s more. She’s got her own song, featuring Tech N9ne. That’s humongous. I’m proud of her. Her dad’s proud of her, because if he wasn’t proud of it, he wouldn’t put it on the album. We’re proud of it.

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