Strangeulation Vol. II

Strange Shit Bumps

As the freshness of Strange Music’s Strangeulation Vol. II is hittin the ears of family – Technicians and Juggalos alike – stafffers here at are pissing the neighbors off because that shit BUMPS. And guess what Mr. Wilson ? We ain’t turning the heat down anytime soon.

Featuring collaborating artists like Big Scoob, Brotha Lynch Hung, Ces Cru, Godemis, Krizz Kaliko, ¡Mayday!, MURS, Prozak, Rittz, Stevie Stone, Ubiquitous and Wrekonize, as well as many others, in the production hands of regular collaborator SevenStrangeulation Vol. II has somehow managed to surpass the superb STRANGE of the original Strangeulation. Album highlights include Cypher I, the very first track leading in with that amazing strange coming in hard (Official Video) , PBSA  supplying that element of strange humor in the official video, interlaced with a punch to the face lyrical content, Chilly Rub – the strange seductive sound that the ladies love – and Cypher IV – which just fuckin thumps.

All the way to and through the strange journey in this, the most recent collab from Tech and Strange – you’re going to be bouncing like you’re bout to bubble, baby. The tight handle of technical skill in the vocals, lyrical delivery as well as the production experinced through each and every track contributes to the belief that this exquisite masterpeice is going to play a huge contributing factor to STRANGE MUSICS’ rise to new heights.

Give it a listen, and tell us what you think – and be sure to grab your copy!


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