Suicide Silence Vocalist Wants Tech N9ne On AlbumSuicide Silence

Suicide Silence are a deathcore metal band from California.  Suicide Silence vocalist Hernan “Eddie” Hermida recently did an interview from Helsinki, Finland before a show.  During the interview he speaks on plans for their next album, his second with the band.

On whether SUICIDE SILENCE has already begun writing material for the next album:

“We’ve already kind of started from scratch. There’s a couple of riffs that have been tossed around that sound really good. Other than that, we’re kind of looking to really get started once all the touring stops. Right now, we don’t really have much time to sit down and just focus on a record. So, as soon as that happens, we will.”

On possible guest musicians on the next SUICIDE SILENCE album:

“I’ve been talking a lot about having [independent hip-hop powerhouse] Tech N9ne on the next record. He’s an incredible rapper, but, more than anything, I think he’s a really good musician. I think it’d be really cool to have him, kind of, do a part — not just a rapping part, but, like, maybe write a keyboard part, or do a whole thing, you know what I mean? Like, come in and help us write… maybe help produce a song. It’d be also cool to, kind of, re-touch the whole rap-metal thing. It’s something I always grew up with, and I feel like, in that era, the people who were rapping with metal weren’t that good, you know what I mean? It was subpar rappers. It’d be cool to have a guy who’s known for his crazy lyrics and his crazy styles, to have on the record.”