New Phantom Spooky Edition Album Drops On the RassleRap Charity Tour!

Phantom Spooky Edition


Phantom Spooky Edition dropping on that ass, that’s right ninjas! If you were lucky enough to cop one of these super fresh CD “Phantom“samplers from the ICP seminar at this years Gathering, then you already know what time it is. However though, this time around the sampler part of it has been stripped and some fresh new tracks have been added, dubbing it the  “The Phantom Spooky Edition“. Peep out the details from the Duke of the Wicked himself and grab the The Phantom Spooky Edition while you can. There are only 2,000 copies!


Yo, whut up doe, Juggalos?

Violent J here to tell y’all about a special ICP album that’s way, way underground. It’s called “The Phantom – X-tra Spooky Edition!” You see, a version of this ultra rare release first surfaced from the underground at the 2015 Gathering of the Juggalos. That version was just called “The Phantom”. We gave a copy away to everybody that attended the ICP seminar for free. Only then it wasn’t a full length ICP album. It was more like a super rare, ICP 5 song EP, and the rest of it was kind of a Psychopathic Records sampler. What made it so cool was the 5 ICP songs had never been heard before. They were all brand new songs. There was also a brand new song from the latest release or from the upcoming release of each every artist on Psychopathic Records which made this rare CD also a sampler. Well, me and Shaggy received so many complements about the 5 ICP songs on this rare CD during the meet and greets on The Marvelous Missing Link Tour that we decided to hook “The Phantom” up even more! We took off all the songs that made it a sampler, and in place of them we added even more brand new, never heard before ICP songs to make it an ultra rare, super underground, full length ICP album! Thus this new version is now called “The Phantom – X-tra Spooky Edition! And it’s now all ICP songs, a full album’s worth, and it will NOT be sold in record stores anywhere! You can ONLY get this super rare, collectors item ICP album at or on any of the 6 stops of the “RassleRap Charity Festival Tour” or the Big Ballas X-Mas Party. First off, one of the things that make this album so unique and ultra cool is the tons and tons of crazy and outrageous skits and extra fill in material that we put between each song. It just goes on and on with crazy shit, that we spent hours digging up, locating and placing between all the songs. It actually gives the whole album a feel and a sound unlike anything we’ve ever released before. It’s truly rare and unusual indeed, muthafuckas.

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