By RandomNinja

“ARay and one day I’ma kill Hip-Hop, I been chasing it around over ten years now, laid deep in the cut ready to shut shit down.” — ARay, Super Smash Bros, Different.


Two young Austin Texas rappers that have been making noise in the Underground have joined forces. ARay and Hack Naja have combined their skills and taken form as the rap duo known as Super Smash Bros! The guys just dropped their debut album and it’s up right now on iTunes! The album is a mixture of party vibes and frustrations. The latter is represented in the track Crying Shame where the boys speak on their aggravation toward the mainstream Hip-Hop world and what’s became of the rap game. One of my personal favorites is Tyrants Anthem, which is just that — an anthem. On this track the Smash Bros are joined by none other then the Underground Avenger himself — ClaAs — who kills it in true Hip-Hop Hitman style! Other guest appearances include J Biz-R, Hard Jawz, Dejangles, Ronnie Blaze and the King of Srub-Hop J-Dirty, who appears on the good-time song Normal Everyday Thing. This jam kind of gives you an insight to one of the groups favorite pastimes; I’ll give you a hint, starts with an “S” and ends with a “moking weed.” Got it? Good. Parking Lot Pornstars has the Bros twisting it up over electric sounding guitar riffs while stating that they “… got more stories to tell.” This is a cool jam and I almost wish it was placed as the last track, it just seems it could had fit there. I am still happy with track they did wrap the album up with tho. It’s a chopped and slurred take of the opening track, “Different.” A remix of a song on the same CD as the original is not unheard of, however, it is rare that I prefer the second version over the first. I’m not even a fan of chopped and slurred but for some reason I just like the remix of this one better — and that’s not to take away from the original. I’ll let y’all decide for yourselves. Over all, even though I wish it had been longer, I’d say between Hack’s quick rap style and ARay’s strong lyrics and delivery, Super Smash Bros is definitely worth checking out and knowing about! I really want to see what’s next for these guys. They’re young and frustrated but still know how to have a good time. But most of all, these cats are focused and ready to make as much noise as they can and be heard! Support the underground!

To get the Album on iTunes, just go here.