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A Surprising Look at Strange Music and Tech N9ne

The Chicago Sun-Times visited Strange Music Headquarters and talked with Tech N9ne and Travis O’Guin. The interview with painted up Tech N9ne was quite a poetic report of the experience. It also revealed some interesting information of what is in store from Tech and how Strange Music began.

The paint it seems Tech was wearing was for a video shoot he had just finished. This video it’s reported is for the secret project Tech has been hinting at with a group stating to be Anonymous. That is all the newest info we get on that endeavor. Though, now we know a video is must be coming soon.

The article goes on to talk about Strange Music’s success and how Tech was dubbed by Forbes as “Hip-Hop’s Secret Mogul.” Then at which point they switch it over to self made millionaire Travis O’Guin. Travis explains how Strange Music came about in a sense.

“I’d really had no intention of getting into the music biz,” O’Guin disclosed, explaining his aims were more along the lines of, “Is there anything I can say or do to maybe help him further himself?”

The interview ends with some insight into the inspiration of Tech N9ne wanting to paint his face.

“I was opening a show for [veteran NoCal rapper] C-Bo, and I wanted to be the killer clown; my best friend did the makeup,” Tech related. “I like the mystique of a clown face, because you never know what’s behind it. Malicious intent – or is it really just a smile?”

You can read the full article on the Chicago Sun-Times Website. It’s a very interesting read that is not in your normal question answer format. It’s quite artfully done describing the experience in a way that would make Jim Morrison proud.

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