SHOTS FIRED! SwizZz Drops “Automatic”, Direct Hit To Hopsin


If you’ve been paying attention to all of the Funk Volume demise drama that started back in January, then you know that almost everyone who was once involved in the label took the time to speak their mind. Most notably of the bunch was Hopsin, releasing the full-blown diss track towards Dame Ritter, titled “ILL Mind Of Hopsin 8”. However, he is far from the only one who is willing to vent their frustrations through music. In fact, former labelmate¬†SwizZz¬†has finally come out in defense of himself and Ritter. Released yesterday, the emcee dropped both a new track and open letter to Hopsin. The track, titled “Automatic”, is no doubt full of anger and resentment for the controversial emcee, but also respect and loyalty directed towards Ritter. Listen to the full track below:

Meanwhile, the open letter to Hopsin straight from SwizZz’ Facebook page can be found here:


While certainly controversial, at least now the minds of fans everywhere will hopefully be put at ease. As a side note, we can also only hope that any retaliation on Hopsin’s end will not continue to generate more unwanted drama. As always, though, only time will tell! Do ya’ll think the Funk Volume drama will ever end? Drop a comment below!

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