T.O.N.E-z Back On Dat Shyt (Remastered)

Back On Dat Shyt


While it’s a couple days later than what we promised due to some technical shyt(see what I did there?).  Here it is, the official release of Back On Dat Shyt(Remastered)!  Long time homie of TJF T.O.N.E-z has decided to make this a True Juggalo Family exclusive!  You can only get this release through True Juggalo Family.  I wanna give a quick shout out to the homie T.O.N.E-z for that.  Click HERE or on the cover above to get your FREE copy of Back On Dat Shyt (Remastered)

Back On Day Shyt Remastered

1. Let It Go (Skit)
2. Welcome to (NYC)
3. Real Talk
4. Banger
5. She’s Creepin (But You Don’t Know)
6. Cake
7. Wuzz Poppin
8. Straight From The Slums Of NY
9. BX QB Shyt
10. Nuthuggaz
11. Geeyonstah
12. Dollar Bill (The Snitch)
13. Off My Chest
14. What If (The Laws Of Death)