tales from the crypt returns

Tales from the Crypt Returns, Kind of

Cable network TNT decided to revamp and reboot Tales from the Crypt.  The show is set to start airing this Fall. But it won’t be exactly like the original aired in the 90’s. Especially since HBO still owns the rights to the Crypt Keeper. Plus, it will have new producers with new formatting. According to TNT president Kevin Reilly, “It’s not a show, it’s an umbrella for what will hopefully be many shows. We’re going to put a variety of different genre shows…all united under the Tales from the Crypt brand. Night is definitely going to direct the first one and we’ll see how that evolves. And we’re definitely going to utilize the underlying comics.” So, the new show may not be what you remembered from HBO. Though promises of following the original 50’s Tales from the Crypt comic the original show was based on are promising.

The internet is abuzz with the new executive producer, M. Night Shyamalan The Sixth Sense and The Visit director. TNT seems to be excited to be working with Shyamalan and Shyamaln seems to be excited to work on the Tales from the Crypt return.

I couldn’t be more excited to be teaming up with Kevin Reilly, Sarah Aubrey and the entire TNT team in this unique endeavor. To be part of such a beloved brand like Tales from the Crypt, something I grew up watching, and to also have the chance to push the boundaries of genre television as a whole, is an inspiring opportunity that I can’t wait to dive into

It’s a show he enjoyed as a child, but this new Tales from the Crypt doesn’t seem like it’s going to be like the old show. Rumor has is the Crypt Keeper will be modeled after the original Crypt Keeper in the comics. He’s been described as a robed old man with a cane who will introduce the stories next to a crackling fire warming his old bones. The old Crypt Keeper was an icon for the show, but this isn’t going to be the revival of the old HBO show. It’s a new version under the same name. That’s how business works. Like they said they bought the brand.

tales from the crypt returns


As for the actual content of the one or two hour block of programming TNT executives seem to indicate that anything goes while also promising original long and short horror storytelling content along with some based on the old comics. While also promoting this as a big step for them in the horror content department in general. Really the network has been very vague about what the show will have exactly. They’re just giving hints and a bunch of enthusiasm.

As it stands with me, it sounds like it’s going to be nothing like the original. A different Crypt Keeper puts a big damper in the idea. That is for sure! But a notable director who has produced a few good TV shows lately doesn’t bother me as other internet users. There is a big hatred for Shyamalan on the internet. I’m not a fan or a hater. The way TNT talks makes me think this is just a name grab. I am curious and will give it a chance though. I loved the old series as a kid. And the idea the content might feature some stories from the old comics is promising though I ain’t holding my breath.



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