Weed Gummy Bears Banned In Colorado Where Cannabis Is Legal


Colorado House Bill 1436, the bill signed into legislation in the state of Colorado by Governor John Hickenlooper this month bans the sale of  THC-infused gummies in the shapes of humans, animals or fruit. This goes into effect on the first day of July next month.

The state of Colorado found it necessary to enforce the law for the protection of the children and in the interest of public safety despite legal marijuana. This is strictly a political move to curb ingestion of edibles amongst the youth in the state.

With legalized marijuana becoming a booming enterprise in the state, the decision to ban these delicious pieces of medicine has been in the works for a hot minute. Colorado has actually been pushing for this since 2014, following speculated accounts of accidental consumption of marijuana-infused products in kids. Some adults apparently negligently leave legal weed or THC gummy bears out in the open, which makes it easier for kids to consume.

With the ease of availability and the increase in tourism, there are millions of edibles being sold each year in the Colorado.With that much product out there, the amount of calls to the Rocky Mountain Poison Control concerning THC-infused edibles is markedly less when compared to other products, such as hazardous pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and household cleaners.