Tech N9ne

by Shawn Michaelis

Green Label is a pop culture site ran by Mountain Dew. Something they do for fun is a monthly power rankings. In the month of May Tech N9ne reached the 6th spot, climbing 4 spots from where they had him ranked in the month of April.

There’s really only so many times we can say it: sleep on Tech N9ne at your own peril. He was hovering around the number 10 spot last month thanks to the building buzz around his Special Effects album, and in May the album dropped, accomplishing everything we predicted it would.

Not only did the project feature some very, very heavyweight names (proving Tech is enormously respected by his peers), not only did it receive critical acclaim, not only did fans snatch it up, but it debuted at number one on the rap charts, and at number four overall. That’s right, an 100% indie rapper from Kansas City known for painting his face dropped the number four album in the country. It might not be as unlikely a story as Lil B swinging the fate of NBA playoff teams, but it’s pretty high up there. Mainstream hip-hop may still refuse to acknowledge what a powerhouse Tech is building, but here we’re more than happy to give Mr. N9ne his just due.

Here is the Green Label rap power rankings from the month of May.

10. Vince Staples

9. Snoop Dogg

8. Kanye West

7. Drake

6. Tech N9ne

5. Chance The Rapper

4. Jay Z

3. A$AP Rocky

2. Kendrick Lamar

1. Lil B