Krizz Kaliko GO

Reviewer Says Tech N9ne was a “Boorish Party Guest” on Krizz Kaliko’s GO

Over at one reviewer gave GO a listen and a review. They start the review off by stating that Genius is no exaggeration when it comes to Krizz Kaliko. They ultimately give GO a very good review seeming to just be in love with the album. All except for a couple small parts. Those parts were Tech N9ne’s contributions. Obviously, this reviewer hasn’t listened to Special Effects. The main complaint was Tech’s MTMD which was origally on Special Effects way before GO was released. This reviewer apparently liked GO, but felt Tech messed this album up. Quite a different take than all the other reviews this album got.

Tech N9ne bursts in like a boorish party guest on a couple of songs. His brief outburst at the end of “Stop the World” spoils what would otherwise be Go’s best track. A despairing song about hopelessness, it’s like the flip side of Sam Cooke’s hopeful civil rights anthem “A Change is Gonna Come” — yet shortly after Kaliko laments that “it’s so hard for me to pray while I sit and wait in a line for change,” Tech N9ne incongruously blurts “a message to the mentally disturbed: don’t kill yourself or anyone else.” And Tech’s unwelcome coda to “Wallflower,” a sensitive song about bullying and social isolation, references “my scrotum” and “dykes.”

Tech’s contributes seem to have disrupted the touching effect this album had on the reviewer. To each their own. I, for one, thought Tech’s performance in the “Stop the World” visuals make it all the more touching. I also thought that MTMD was a nice touch. How do you feel about this reviewer’s claim? Did Tech’s contributions ruin the vibe? Comment below with your thoughts.

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