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Tech N9ne Bra Donations Featured on Kansas City News

I reported a while back about Tech N9ne donating bras thrown on stage to the Hope House when he first posted about his bra donations to social media. In his Facebook and Instagram posts he mentioned a news team and indicated that this bra donation was part of a local news story. Two Kansas City News outlets, KCTV 5 and 41 Action News, reported on Tech’s generous bra donation. He really impressed the local community with his Strange donation.

It’s been a minute since the news broke out about this surprising charity given by the number one Independent Rapper, but only recently has the local Kansas City news outlets broke this story. It’s with great pleasure I can present to you two news coverage of this unexpected act of altruism and kindness. The 41 Action News seems to have the better coverage of this story. Not to mention, the KCTV 5 video footage is a local TV broadcast recorded with a camera, though of good quality (thank you Tech N9ne’s Prefect Strangers for uploading). Tech states in the 41 Action News story that he noticed that the better the show he performs the more bras he gets. Therefore, the better Tech plays the more he can give to charity. Which means Tech is rapping for a good cause in a way. And, well, chicks letting their bra fly on stage are contributing to a good cause as well, as Strange as that sounds. I wonder if it will happen even more now that everyone knows their bras are donated to a good cause.

41 Action News: Tech N9ne Donates Bras to Hope House

KCTV 5 Tech N9ne Bra Donations: Fans’ Bras Help Violence Victims


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