tech n9ne bra donations

Tech N9ne Bra Donations Gives “Whoop Areola” New Meaning

Tech N9ne charitably donated bras thrown at his concerts, especially during the infamous Areola chant, to domestic violence shelters, the Hope House being the one of public interest. He shared the picture above along with the text below on Facebook and Intagram spreading the message of how he connects with these domestic violence victims, not the mention, the news team present surprise for that fact. But what an amazing act! Women have been throwing bras and panties at concerts for decades, but who ever heard any lady thrilling artist donating the braziers to a good cause.

Tech relates in this social media posts about his own experience with domestic violence, something his music has helped some fans to overcome along with many over challenging life situations. Tech had to move and change schools for a time being, not to mention experience the fear and sadness of watching his beloved mom get beat, because of this ever rampant social disease. It’s in stark contract to perception of women created by the song “Areola.” It’s something mainstream society screams misogynistic in it’s seemingly sexual objectification. But this act may just be empowering. It’s not something new to our music loving culture. It’s just the first time we see a deeper purpose behind it. Women appreciate the empowerment Tech’s music gives. He creates motivational music anyone going through tough times use to inspire them and pull them along their path in life out of the depths of despair. Exactly what these Tech N9ne bra donations will help contribute. Getting these bras can give a women the feeling of being human again, considering most have to pack in a hurry to get there and don’t have all the comforts any living person deserves. With Tech’s background it should be no wonder why his songs are so inspirational to those affected by violent misogyny.

tech n9ne bra donations

That’s right lady technicians every time you shoot your tit sling at Tech you’re contributing to a good cause. So, don’t be shy. Show them aerolas and give to charity, damn it!

Update: Hope House Thanks Tech N9ne!

The Hope House thanked Tech N9ne on Twitter for his surprising donation. The bras totaled at 550! That is a lot of areolas!

hope house tech n9ne bra donations


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