Tech N9ne Commercial For Carl’s Jr. Has Been Leaked

Tech N9ne has made a commercial for Carl’s Jr., but it has not been released out to the public yet. The commercial is set on a brand new burger that Carl’s Jr. will be releasing soon. The new delicious looking burger is going to be called; the Kansas City Thickburger, which will only be available for a limited time. If you haven’t seen the commercial yet, peep out the leaked video that was posted to Facebook by a Facebook user yesterday night. This commercial makes me want to fly to Kansas City, JUST for this delicious looking burger. Yum yum and enjoy loves.

Never heard of Carl’s Jr check out the brief summary of Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr. is an American-based fast-food restaurant chain operating in the Western and Southwestern states. As of 2015 it has started expanding and is now in multiple other countries. CKE Restaurants, Inc owns the chain.

Carl Karcher founded the predecessor of Carl’s Jr. in 1941, a hot dog cart. His first restaurant was a sit-down full-service location called Carl’s Drive-In Barbeque. As this became successful, in 1954 he launched a chain of smaller restaurants called Carl’s, followed in 1956 by new outlets with a more limited menu called Carl’s Jr., and sales took off.

The parent company CKE Restaurants, Inc., purchased the Hardee’s chain in 1997, and is slowly amalgamating the two chains.

In 2012, Nation’s Restaurant News rated Carl’s Jr. as the #37 foodservice chain in the United States based on sales through 2011. Hardee’s was listed at #28. If the two chains sales were combined, they would have been at #15. In 2013, QSR listed Carl’s Jr. at #24 and Hardee’s at #20; if combined they would have been listed at #14.