Tech N9ne, Esham, Necro and others on top horrifying hip hop list

Tech N9ne

by Shawn Michaelis

CLTampa has put out a list of 7 “horrifying hip hop songs” in celebration of Halloween.  Among those featured on the list are fam favorites Tech N9ne, Esham and Necro.

5. Esham, “9 Dead Bodies”
In a little under two minutes, horrorcore great and the original acid rapper Esham vividly tells a story about his hunt for blood and violence. He attempts heroism in his gory tale, comparing one of his murders to slaying a vampire. Unsurprisingly, the ninth body is his own, as he ends his murder spree with suicide.

6. Tech N9ne ft. Brotha Lynch Hung & Sundae, “What’s Yo Psycho”
Pick your poison! Is it murder? What about cannibalism? Spitting like a semi-automatic, Tech N9ne, a fixture and leader of the horrorcore genre, and his buddies, Sundae and Brotha Lynch Hung (a fellow horrorcore heavy hitter and pioneer) feel like they can have it all. Specializing in all things sick and twisted, each rapper spits fervently about their not-so-guilty pleasures.

7. Necro, “Dead Body Disposal”
Just outright gory and disturbing, self-professed king of death rap Necro is enthusiastic about getting rid of your enemies’ dead bodies. You can cut them up like a pie from Pizza Hut, or you can coat the limbs with pepper spray to keep scavengers away. Sick, right? To lighten the mood a bit, Necro occasionally raps about his heinous acts to the tune of Salt-N-Pepa’s “Let’s Talk About Sex.”

Click HERE or on the link above to check out the full list!