tech n9ne freestyle

Tech N9ne Freestyle over “Beautiful People” on Dr Dre’s The Pharmacy Radio Show

Strange music uploaded the Tech N9ne Freestyle he preformed on Dr Dre’s radio show, The Pharmacy. The freestyle is a phenomenal rap over a Marylin Manson song. “Beautiful People” seems like the last thing Tech would be rapping over. But, then again, Tech is a genre hopping fool. It’s not something you will ever find on an album or anywhere besides Soundcloud, Youtube, or The Pharmacy on Beats 1.

Beautiful People Remix


Speaking of Tech N9ne and Youtube. Strange Music uploaded the single “Young Dumb Full Of Fun” from Special Effects Deluxe Edition. This song is only on the Deluxe Edition, so those with just the standard CD didn’t get this song. Strange Music did all those who weren’t able to get the Deluxe Edition a favor.  Now everyone can listen to this party song. Maybe if it’s viewed enough Strange will make a music video for this track. They often upload songs before they make a video for them.


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