Tech N9ne honored in new flatbrush zombies album

Tech N9ne Honored in New Flatbush Zombies Album

Tech N9ne has been honored by many artists in his ever raising career. Krazyie Bone just mentioned Tech as one of his top 3 emcees. Tech has gained fandom by actors and comedians. Hell, even The Rock thinks Hood Go Crazy is the shit. Now,  Flatbush Zombies have mentioned him in their new album.

The honorable mention is in the opening track for their new album,  3001: A Laced Odyssey. The opening track The Odyssey is all about their raise to glory. At about half way through the track you hear some of the artists who inspired them Tech N9ne included, of course. “I’m on an everyday struggle, ’til I get to the top/ I study Em, Big, Tech N9ne, 2Pac!”  You can listen to the entire track below. If you just want to just hear Tech N9ne honored, you can skip to that part by clicking here. You can also listen to the whole playlist for this album on Youtube. You may have just found a new music to enjoy, if you weren’t listening to Flatbush Zombies already.

Flatbush Zombie ~ The Odyssey

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