Tech N9ne Hooking up Corey Taylor with Favorite Emcee?

Tech N9ne hinted in an interview with Breaking Wreckords Radio that he was going to hook up Corey Taylor from Slipknot with one of his 5 favorite emcees which included Tech N9ne. Tech has always been a Maggot and was excited for the “Wither” collaboration. The collaboration came about through a connection with Corey’s wife, Stephanie, at a KC show. Now he is paying back the favor by, “linking him with someone he likes.”

corey taylor top 5 rappers

Since, the only emcee Tech has collaborated with on this list is Ice Cube for the songBlackboy” way back on Killer, I would say that is my first guess. Chuck D and Ice-T have shown respect for Tech N9ne, but there is no evidence of them having a personal connection. Then, the Beastie Boys are just a mutual inspiration. An Ice Cube, Slipknot collaboration would be an interesting mix to say the least. Then, again, Tech has worked with him making an amazing song. Why not Ice Cube?

Tech N9ne Talks about Corey Taylor Collaboration


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