tech is the real rock star

Tech N9ne is the Real Rock Star, Everyone Else is just Frontin

Well, Tech N9ne was back at on Facebook and Instagram. This time calling out all these rappers claiming to be rock stars. Tech proclaims that he is, of course, the true rock star listing off his major successes at several rock festivals such as Rock on the Range, Knot Fest, Aftershock Fest, Rock Fest and the huge biker gathering Full Throttle Saloon. The fact that Tech rocked these heavy metal, rock-n-roll type crowds only shows he’s the only rapper out there that can truly say he’s a rock star. Read Tech’s full rant below.

tech n9ne on instagram, tech N9ne is the real rock star

Rappers be yellin they are Rock Stars…

BUT until they can murder ROCK ON THE RANGE and make everybody from main stage stadium watch from each level and kill the thousands in front of you like you see in this pic, and demolish a sold out metal show like KNOTFEST, and open up for Rob Zombie at AFTERSHOCK FEST, and bring down the house at a humongous bikers gathering at a place called FULL THROTTLE SALOON, and perform for 70,000 fans in your hometown at a ROCK FEST, those rappers can’t say they’re ROCK STARS and it be a REAL statement!

Ha Ha Ha! TECH N9NE on the other hand though, did all that and pretty sure he could rock a bluegrass crowd! AND end it with Hood Go Crazy! Lol Lol TRUTH!

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