Earlier today Pitch.com shared an article featuring different KC Royal baseball players superstitions at home games.

There’s something mystical — and weird — about America’s pastime. It’s one of the few sports that inspires grown men to earnestly discuss “the baseball gods” on a live radio broadcast or openly admit to wearing the same pair of yellow pants to every home game in order to please said gods.

Even talking about luck and jinxes can be enough to incur the wrath of these fickle deities, so I will do nothing of the sort. Instead, here are a few ways to show your love for the Royals as they start their sprint toward October.

Eat at Empanada Madness.
If you follow fun-loving Royals catcher Salvador Perez on Instagram (if you don’t, you should), you’ve probably heard of Empanada Madness (906 Southwest Boulevard). It’s Salvy’s favorite spot to savor the flavors of his native Venezuela. The South American restaurant serves classic dishes such as hallacas (Venezuelan tamales), arepas (stuffed corn cakes) and fried plantains, as well as menu items named for Perez and fellow Venezuelans Omar Infante and Alcides Escobar.

Listen to Tech N9ne.
Lorenzo Cain might have given everyone in town 17-38 reasons to download Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen,” but Eric Hosmer is drawing attention to a local rap dignitary. This summer, Kauffman Stadium has blared Tech N9ne’s “Hood Go Crazy” every time Hoz comes to the plate, prompting thousands of Royals fans to put down their nacho helmets and sing along.

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