tech n9ne mayday fragile hood go crazy and caribou lou certified RIAA gold

Fragile Becomes Tech’s Third and Mayday’s First Gold Single

This weekend Tech, Mayday, Kendrick Lamar, and Kendall Morgan received the news that their single “Fragile” was certified Gold by the RIAA. This is quite an accomplishment by an independent record label. This is just in the wake of “Hood Go Crazy” becoming Gold also.

Hearing this news, Tech had to give thanks to all the great artist that helped make these two hit songs go Goooold.

Wrekonize of Mayday was more than ecstatic to hear the news. This is his first Gold plaque to adorn his wall. A major accomplishment for any artist, doubly so for one that grinds so hard on the independent scene. Mayday have made some amazing heartfelt music on their own. Consequently, the opening verse and hook on “Fragile” made it the golden piece of work it is today. Congrats!

Good Things Come to Those Who Grind Hard

This Gold record accomplishment may have come 37 months after the release but it’s a major landmark in the careers of these artists. DJ booth wrote a whole article about how Strange Music’s perseverance is a lesson to all artists. Upon it’s release “Fragile” was dubbed “the dopest song I’ve heard all year” by DJBooth. Now, they are impressed by it’s continued success. The writer has a view of distaste for the modern fast track to success and a high pedistal for Tech and fellow artists’ dedicated work towards success.

We live in a day and age where instant gratification has become more important than sustained, long-term success. The number of first week sales, song streams and YouTube views an artist racks up are the metrics that receive the most headlines, but sometimes they don’t tell the full story.

Read the entire article, “The Lesson All Artists Can Learn From Tech N9ne’s “Fragile” Being Certified Gold,” on

Watch the ‘Fragile’ Music Video

With over 24 million views it’s no wonder this track went Gold. It may just go even higher.

Personally, I love the shit out of this song. It captures the emotions of any true artist. Artists are connected to their art like a mother to a child. For someone to diss it would incur the feelings of a heartbroken soul. Putting your art into the world is to take off your mask and expose yourself. To have someone truly enjoy is a feeling like no other. No instant gratification can come close to that feeling. Futhermore, no let down of lack of interest or straight up disaproval can compare to any physical hurt you can imagine. Those who diss any art lack any ability to produce it and is a form of jealousy. Enjoy this beautiful work of art. If you don’t like it and diss it you’re getting thrown in the trunk!

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