Tech N9ne Playing Homeless

Tech N9ne Playing Homeless and Paying it Forward

Tech N9ne took to the streets and bus stations of Kanasas City playing a homeless man with Starbucks change cup in hand for a Krizz Kaliko video shoot according to Of course this means a music video for Go, Krizz Kaliko’s newest album up for preorder. The single for this video seems to be something totally different than the preorder track You See It (Buss It) considering it has Tech dressing up for a part that’s the opposite of his real life. This experience not only proved that Tech is recognizable to his fans in any form, but also Tech has a heart for a generous women who though he was really homeless.

Of course, the only reason we are privy to this story is Tech N9ne’s Instagram addiction or maybe more like self promotion.  Tech shared a few short videos show casing some of his experiences playing a homeless man which seems to have really amused the Mental Giant. The part of paying it forward comes as a spare of the moment gesture showing you just don’t know how karma will repay you for your selfless deeds. Though Tech’s fans saw right through his homeless persona one generous women dropped change into Tech’s coffee cup thinking he was really in need. Tech rewarded her simple charity with a hundred dollar bill. Though the amount they gave was more than likely on par it shows that Tech N9ne is nothing like mainstream rappers. He may be a social media star like them, but that is part of the modern music promotion. One must truly have a heart if they can’t pass up an opportunity to reward a charitable soul when it arises. Maybe a gangster with a heart is what this world really needs.

Homeless Tech N9ne Paying It Forward

So we were shooting a video today for one of @krizzkaliko new songs and they had me PLAYING a homeless person. We rode around Kc all day on a bus provided by Kcs own Metro bus station. Throughout the day we got on and off the bus to get shots of me on several bus stops. While PLAYING a homeless man with dirty damaged clothes, some people wouldn't look my way like usual as T9 but those who got close enough were elated that they caught me in the heart of the city PLAYING homeless. I reached a bus stop right near the corner of 39th and Broadway getting ready for the director to yell action when this elderly lady came and sat beside me carrying a beat up bag and clothes to match. She was deep in like a catatonic state but still slightly coherent while waiting on a bus to arrive. She had to be in her late 60s, pale skin, brown haired Caucasian woman. At that moment sitting at the bus stop with her, I noticed she was NOT PLAYING to be unfortunate, she was the real thing! I had this sadness come over me cause while I'm PLAYING to be unfortunate, she had pain in her beautiful light brown right eye that was visible to me and I'm going to my mansion after we are done with this video. After my video director shot the scene, he asked her nicely, are you ok? Cause she was in the shot. She nodded yes and he shot some more footage. As we loaded on to our bus leaving the lady on the bus stop waiting on the real bus, the look in her eye kept PLAYING over and over inside my head thinkin, what was she thinkin? Where was she going? Why was she by herself when it looked as if she could barely move? As the day was coming to a close and we were on our last bus stop right across from Crown Center, I sat still on the stop with the elderly lady situation PLAYING in my head. All of a sudden this other elderly lady probably early 50s sits beside me and puts 50 cents in my money cup. I sat there for a sec then said, no, I'm PLAYING homeless in this video baby I'm not really homeless. I reached into my pocket and gave her 100 dollars and said thank you so much! She cried and said is this real? I said yes, I'm not PLAYING! This part is real! All this to say, Homelessness aint a PLAYING matter

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Here She is, the Charitable Lady



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Technicians can Spot Tech in an Ol’ Dirty Disguise

Everyone knows me even in disguise! A Dirty disguise! Lol

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Tech Playing a Bus Driver

Highjacking the bus!

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That’s Not My Drink

Bus stop! Uh do the bus stop!

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