Tech N9ne and Seven

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On HipHopDX, Danielle Harling reports about Tech N9ne and Seven looking to recruit talented musicians in Kansas City, Missouri to create a new vibe.  They want the BEST instrumental performers to help create the downloadbeat.  Along with wanting to recruit, Tech N9ne and Seven discuss how their relationship in Strange Music began by collaborating, Come Gangsta for Everready.

It was through the collaboration that Seven found the beat that Tech N9ne had never heard before.

“That beat it just didn’t sound like nothing I’ve ever heard. And I was like ‘That is the sound I’m looking for.’ It was operatic. It was Hip Hop. It was mob…I don’t think anybody else could have rapped on that track.”

f0e26265cb1495258669f8dae6531ed3In the interview, Seven talks about how he went, for the first time, three days straight, twelve hours each day, working on the beat and since then that’s how long he works on every beat.

He says, “If it doesn’t feel like I’ve challenged myself for more than I’ve worked on previous to that, then I know it’s not good enough.”  He states that they’re making masterpieces.  “I’ll work on a track for a week or two weeks, or whatever it takes to make it what it has to be.”

Also, look out for Tech N9ne’s newest album: The Storm.  It’s going to be released in 2016.