tech n9ne shars childhood memories

Tech N9ne Shares his Childhood Memories, RIP Sara Lee Yates

Tech N9ne is back at the cemetery visiting his female makers. He shared on Facebook some childhood memories with his grandma Sarah Lee Yates along with a picture of her grave. You don’t get personal shit (lol pun intended) like this from mainstream artist, though they do post shit. Ya’ know stuff to make you popular. Just like in his music, Tech gets personal with his fans.

Sarah Lee taught me so much! My grandmother taught me to wipe my ass as a kid! Lol cause she would yell at me like lil boy that aint wiping THIS is how you wipe and I’m like three yrs old having this elderly lady clean my back side holding up my right arm and I’m in a runaway position but can’t get free from the heavy handed wipe of a frustrated Grandmother! Lol TMI? Fuck it that’s real shit! Lol no pun intended!

She gave us all shelter and worked to feed us! I miss her thanx giving dinner and her sweet potato pies and pumpkin as well but my mom and aunts somehow had the same recipes when she passed! I miss her gospel songs she sang all day like (Certainly Lord) and,,, I can’t think of the titles of the other ones but I can hear them from time to time!

Thank you for taking me with you when you had business in downtown KC during the day even though you had no choice cause you were baby sitting me while mom was at work! I remember my little ass walking across the busy downtown streets and I accidentally walked in front of you and you tripped in the street into traffic and cut your knee and ran your stocking! I was young but I think I remember feeling bad cause all the cars were like SKIIIIIIIIRT! Still made it to your meeting or whatever and acted like it never happened!

I’d like you to know, that after ALL that teasing me and my cousins did towards you cause when you talked sometimes you drooled, well it passed down to me and my kids! Lol we never drooled when in mid speech like you when we were young but later in life it happened to ALL of us! Thanx Grandmaw! Lol

I Love and miss you! Muah!

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