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Tech N9ne Shares the Story Behind Shroud Lyrics

“I searched for answers from my female maker

In the cemetery, but they never produced her headstone”

Those are the lyrics Tech N9ne spits with such intensity and rage on the track “Shroud” from Special Effects and the basis for his latest Instagram post. Tech shared a short video sharing his beloved mother’s gravestone along with the story behind those lyrics and how he finally got her headstone and the house of his dreams. We all know Tech loves his mother dearly and it tore him apart when she past. The frustration only continued when he found she didn’t have a gravestone. Then on her birthday when it still wasn’t there, he received the surprise of a life time. Read the story from Tech himself below.

So this is the story! I paid for the funeral then time went pass, then my family let me know that the funeral home some how didn't include the headstone even though I paid a crazy amount so for almost a year my mom had no headstone. I was furious! So my aim was to get it produced perfectly before her last birthday which was October 26 2015! The people makin it took so long tryin to perfect it that when October 26th came, it was in route, but not placed so the family could go say happy birthday! I was crushed all day but in the evening I was scheduled to go sign autographs at this Lawyers home that Travis knew so he scheduled me to go sign for an hr.for the Lawyers kids for a Halloween celebration. I was so not in the mood so I put on a all black K.O.D. Shroud style when Trav picked me up at my old Lees Summit home! We got to the mansion, the Lawyer and his wife greeted us at the door, I walked in like WOAH this is beautiful and soooo my style cause of the Tuscan style Trav and I LOVE so much! As I was headed to the basement I could hear a gang of voices like a huge party so I got my self in gear to be rushed by a gang of young children. As I went further down the stair case, I noticed familiar faces like people I worked with but didn't live in kc like OG Mugs, our Lawyer Bob, Dave, etc etc I'm like wtf is going on then Trav put the key on my shoulder like this is the house you wanted! I fuckin died! I had forgot that b4 my Canadian tour I sent him this house to his email and THIS wonderful guy,,,, the rest is history! On my moms bday I got my new home and the headstone arrived the next day on the 27th! So here I am today smiling at her saying thank you before I hit studio! I love you Mama! See the intro to SHROUD to hear my frustration for not being able to find her due to no headstone. T9!

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This post really hit me hard, Family. Let me tell you why. This post is like an answer from God (or possibly Goddess). Yesterday, as I sit under an old oak tree in the park and listen to “Shroud” for the second or third time, I wonder what Tech meant by those two intense lines. I thought struck of an unmarked grave and the dishonor that represents. Now this morning I find this post written at about the time I was thinking that. It definitely answers my question.

Maybe it was just the morning to honor our female makers. Yesterday, I went and talked to my mom who is also my angel no longer walking this earth due to Lupus. Love your mother, because she won’t always be here. And if you miss your mom too, know that she lives on in your memories and the stories you pass on.

RIP Maudie Sue Yates Khalifah

Always here in Spirit

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