Tech N9neTech N9ne Shows How To Build A Real Empire

It seems Strange Music has been making its way into a lot of main stream news these past few weeks. For this week a modern expose, Fox 4 [Kansas City] gives us a behind the scene look at this homegrown hip-hop empire to be aired on Fox 4’s show Empire, which is about life behind the hip-hop and entertainment industries. Follow around Tech and his long time business partner Travis O’guin to see Tech’s house, a private look at how they built their empire from the ground up, and huge ideas for the future of Strange, including a multi-million dollar headquarters said to be called “Strangeland”. They also speak on how, with building their own empire, they some how cut out the middle man, he’s able to create his own music,and book his own tours. From what it seems, he doesn’t seem to plan on slowing down.

Watch the full video on Fox 4’s website!

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