Tech N9ne Spotlights Homie Who Made Classic Hit Possible

A Moment of Thanks To The Man Who Made It Happen

Tech N9ne takes a moment to e recognize the man who deserves credit for parting with such an amazing soundtrack, specifically the music for This Ring. Recently he posted an image of himself with the man who originally owned the sounds of what would become one of Tech N9nes greatest and most favored hits. It’s hard to imagine what the album might have felt like without the smash that has secured it’s eternal spot in the hearts of technicians and juggalos. We’d like to give a big thank you to the homie who bought the track and then agreed to turn it over and into the hands of Tech, making it  for this gem to have materialized and made Tech history.



Tech took to Instagram to share the story of how the man pictured below was the original proprietor of the complex instrumental produced by IcyRoc that eventually inspired Tech to write “This Ring” 

Jeff Nelson, Feature Author

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