Tech N9ne Talks Fans In His CareerTech N9ne


Tech N9ne is no doubt a road warrior.  When he hits the road, he does many many show a year.  He performs more than 150 shows a year.  He discussed what he does after shows, how he keeps his flow, and the influence the Technicians have on his career in his latest interview with The Windsor Star.

Tech N9ne, the yodeling rapper?  It would appear so.

Yeeeee-ooo-doo-hoo, doo-hoo, ooo-ooh,” yodels Tech, somewhere in his home state of Missouri. “If I can do that, without it cracking, that means my voice is good.”


He continues by explaining:

I learned a long time ago how to loosen my tongue up,” Tech explains. “I learned in the shower. If you loosen your tongue up, you can say things a lot faster and clearer. If you push hard, sometimes you will slur.


When on the road, Tech admits that he doesn’t hit up the post show parties.

“After the show, we try not to go to a club,” Tech notes. “Because we do a show every day.”

A rapper who avoids the after-party? Is such a thing possible?

“We’re good,” Tech says. “We just be on the bus. We might watch some TV, whatever series — The Shield, Breaking Bad.”

After 15 studio albums, what is it that keeps the drive going for Tech?

“My fans push me to keep going,” he says. “It’s hard for me. I have to get better and better. I have to outdo Speedom” — referring to a collaboration with Eminem that features some of Tech’s fastest rapping.


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