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Tech N9ne Talks GO, New Songs, and Ditching the Face Paint

Tech N9ne took time out of his busy schedule for an exclusive Strange Music interview. He talked about GO dropping this Friday, his new album that is in the works, including some mainstream collaborations you would have never guessed, and dropping the tedious face paint.

The interview mostly focused on Krizz Kaliko‘s soon to be released album GO. He was featured on four tracks on GO and Tech is excited for this album. He even went as far as to say this album was one to play on repeat. If Tech loves this album so much you know it’s fire. One track Tech begged to be one “No Love” was one he didn’t even think should be a Krizz Kaliko track. When Tech first heard the track he told Seven, “Seven, you should’ve sent Em that one – he would’ve killed that one” But once Krizz took the track he killed it. Then, of course, Tech was impressed with “Orangatun” which showcases Krizz’s elite rapping skills. Overall, Tech is super impressed with the whole album.

strange music interview tech n9ne go face paint

As for Tech N9ne‘s recent work with his own music he has been working hard and steady at it. You know he’s always working on the next project. He is, of course, starting another Mackenzie collaboration. The real shocker is that he’s writing up a song with a Jay-Z collaboration in mind. He has talked about never collaborating with Jay-Z before, but now it seems even though there was no chance of a Jay-Z feature on Special Effects he might just be on the next one. We don’t know what the album will be called yet, though we do get the name of one song. “Mind Cuff” is a track he is just finishing up and will have another unexpected feature, Chris Brown. The most exciting news, in my opinion, is Seven is working on  a Doors-sounding track for Tech’s next album in the works.

One thing that has been stressing out Tech is the face paint. It takes up to two hours for the artist to paint his face and that is just too much time he doesn’t have. His idea is to make a mask or rather masks as he states he wants a mask for every day of the week. He reached out to the Slipknot crew to get a mask made, but fears his timing was to late. Either way Tech is looking to free himself from the face paint and required dependence on someone to do it before each show. So, look out for a masked Tech of the Worldly Angel style and hopefully many more.

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