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Tech N9ne Gives BET BLX Tour of Childhood Neighborhood

BET’s BLX followed Tech N9ne around his childhood neighborhood. Tech stated the tour talking about his childhood growing up in a gospel loving house where rap wasn’t accepted. His family had little means of income so all they could afford was a big wheel, but he loved riding that thing around. He reminisces about going to the zoo with his first love at the tender age of 5. Then he goes to his old school where he talks outside about the rap contest that led him from beatboxing to rapping. He won that contest on graduation day making him realise what he wanted to do for a living. He even lays down the rap that won him that contest and made the rapper he beatboxed for bail on him. He always had that crazy Tech flow from the beginning. He also talks about his enjoyment of dance before he dicovered his greater joy for rapping. Lastly, Tech ends his story with the birth of his rap ego “Tech N9ne.” The “9” being the perfect numerology for his mission in rap.

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