Tech N9ne and Travis O'Guin

Tech N9ne and Travis O’Guin at the Grammys pictured above!! We spotted them on Tech N9ne’s Facebook page. Which were just uploaded about two hours ago.

Mad props to these guys, they are very hard-working, dedicated individuals. Strange Music seems to be going places quick.  You know, to be invited to the Grammys, you must be a performer, a nominee, high up in the music industry, or a guest. What’s your guess? Is there something going on that we aren’t aware of yet?  We know it’s on everyone’s mind, Tech going mainstream, or is mainstream going Tech? Regardless of where Tech and Strange are headed, we know that it’s going to be big.  This company has held its own for a long time! It’s only going up and growing bigger!

To all the Technicians, this is a pretty cool fucking site to see.  The CEO of Strange, and the man himself, representing the snake and bat!

Just remember, fuck the mainstream or not… Someone has their eyes on Strange, can you blame them?!?!?

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