Tech N9ne verse for Eminem is finished and delivered.

Techn9ciaaaaaans!!!! CameraNinja here!!  Ok so here’s the scoop.  Remember how Tech N9ne had Eminem on Speedom? Well it was said that all Eminem wanted in return for his verse was for Tech to do a verse on one of HIS tracks… Check out this video interview where Tech speaks on it…

In this video interview, Tech N9ne has confirmed that his verse for the yet-to-be-revealed song from Eminem has been completed and delivered. We can only assume that Tech went ballistic on whatever the track was, given his history of obliterating guest appearances on songs in which he’s set up by élite emcees (see Crooked I’s “Let Me Get It”, Rittz’s “Bloody Murdah” or Brotha Lynch Hung’s “Takin Online Orders”).

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