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Tech N9ne’s Montreality Interview Inspires Writers: It Should Inspire Juggalos

Here a TJF, we broke the news of Montreality’s fourth interview with Tech N9ne. Since then and relayed their favorite parts. Tech expresses a lot of insight and personal information in that interview that not only should be gold to mainstream hip-hop enthusiast, but Juggalos even more so.

First we have a writer over at practically quoting the first part of the interview. This article entitled Tech N9ne Imagines Why Jay Z & Rihanna Don’t Reach Out To Him recounts Tech’s explanation of why these mainstream puppets won’t collaborate with him despite his success. The intention of spreading the word that Tech N9ne is misunderstood is identifiable for any Juggalo. We are a group of some largely misunderstood motherfackles who can understand fellow weirdos. In fact this segment of the interview isn’t really a new idea to the average Tech N9ne listening Juggalo.

Then, has an article entitled Drake, Tech N9ne & the Final Word on Songwriting vs. Ghostwriting that only briefly mentions Tech N9ne. This mention is part of a set up for his real intentions of pushing his point of view of the Drake and Meek beef. Tech put his two cents out there in the Montreality interview which this article references. Then later on in the article uses Tech’s speech about getting help from fellow artists for the hook on “Fear” to further his point of view on the difference between inspiration and ghostwriting.

“…now that I know Tech N9ne didn’t personally write the hook to his song, that doesn’t really change anything about my conception of him as an artist. Writing short, melodic hooks is a different skill than rapping, writing hooks isn’t a particularly valued skill in hip-hop, and so most rappers use songwriters for that exact reason. Again, no big deal. But if, hypothetically, we learned that Tech didn’t write any of the words to his song, including the verses, that would fundamentally change how we think of him as an artist and how he compares to other rappers. “
What I would like to point out is this is all mainstream banter. This interview has much greater freshness just being glossed over by those concerned about Tech’s place in the Music Industry. But, Juggalos appreciate the more artist side of life. Tech N9ne is loved by Juggalos because of his realness and artistic talent.
Juggalos are all about being real. The face paint and dark style of humor and art show a no gives a fuck attitude that Tech absolutely shares. That is why he is loved by the Juggalos and therefore invited to perform over and over again for the Gathering. Being real isn’t easy and Tech knows that. This fearlessness to be oneself is what keeps Tech on top and yet not a mainstream puppet. Any Juggalo should agree about the downfalls and virtue of keeping it real.

Tech N9ne Interview: Do you Suffer from realness?


On the artistic side of a Juggalo’s interest we have a little insight into why Tech has rose to great heights and will never stop making music. Tech explains how the music especially the rhythm is a part of who he is. Only a true artist feels the music they make. Any real music enthusiast knows that a song is more than lyrics. It’s about performance. We already know he delivers a very powerful and energetic show. His music wouldn’t be the same without his exuberant ability to weave his lyrics into any type of genre. Any dancer/rapper/singer can identify with the feeling he must feel being one with the music. To any music lover it’s ever amazing the unique talent he brings to the stage. Tech N9ne is the music.

Tech N9ne Interview: Rhythm God


This interview, as you have witnessed, delivers much heart and realness from Tech N9ne. It’s what happens when you have a chill interviewer asking interesting questions. Tech discussed some controversial topics for the mainstream but gave more than that. He showed why he is successful and will keep it that way. But more importantly we get a window into the mind of Tech. Juggalos don’t give a fuck about personal bullshit or industry politics. Juggalos want something genuine and powerful. Tech delivers both and this interview paints that picture quite nicely.


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